the most versatile kitchen tool.

the most versatile kitchen tool.

Many products come to mind when asked, “What is the most useful tool to use in the kitchen?”. In my 15 years of professional experience, it is hands down the straight tip surgical tong.

Surgical tongs?! Really?

The versatility comes from many features of this tong. Those of which include:

The slender frame

The slender frame helps eliminate the toughest of grilling situations. It allows you to get underneath your grill grates to delicately lift off that perfect piece of fish or vegetable.

The straight tips

The versatility does not just stop at the grill! I also use these tongs for pan searing and plating! The straight tips allow me to pick up food without destroying the integrity of the outside. Most common tongs have bevels, which ruin the look of nice food by smashing it.

The lightweight design

Weighing in at under 10 ounces, the lightweight design allows you to use this tool tirelessly and effortlessly. This tool becomes a super accurate extension of your hand. Whether it is cooking or plating, you will execute with so much more control!

Is it a tweezer or a tong?

It can be used for both! The length is what really takes this plating tweezer and transforms it into a cooking tong. The beauty is that you can use this in a commercial kitchen or at home. Impress your friends, refine your cooking technique and cook with the exactness of a professional chef! This straight tip surgical tong will be more useful for you than any other cooking utensil!

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